I’m all for showing people compassion.  I’m all for giving people a second chance.  But, there are just some crimes that are so horrendous that even forty years later, I don’t think the criminals who committed them should be shown any compassion.

Apparently, the Manson family members seem to differ. 

Susan Atkins is suffering from terminal cancer.  She has requested — and been refused — a compassionate release.  Are you kidding me?  Does she really think that anyone who remembers the horror the Manson family inflicted upon Sharon Tate and the others who died with her would ever think she deserves compassion now?  Actually, I think her terminal illness might actually be a case of justice.  She’s almost completely paralyzed and she can’t even be placed in a wheelchair.  There is a very small place inside my heart where I think, “Wow, that’s a horrible death.  No one should die like that.”  And, then I remember that Susan Atkins was the one who wrote Pig on the door in her victims’ blood.  Even though I was just a little girl (and living on the other side of the country) and have no first hand memory, the grandmother in me feels for Sharon Tate’s mother.  I’ll bet she was making plans of holding her grandchild — the same kind I was making a couple of months ago before Kim had little Nickie.  But, Susan Atkins killed Sharon and her mother’s grandmotherly dreams went up in smoke.  And, now Susan Atkins wants to be allowed to go free?  That would be a miscarriage of justice.

Apparently, all of the other Manson family members have seen the errors of their ways and they want to be free.  Tex Watson is reportedly a minister.  Too bad they hadn’t seen the error of their ways prior to August of 1969.  Who knows what Sharon Tate’s child could’ve grown to become and for that reason alone, the Manson family should spend all eternity in prison.

God Bless

PS.  Even Jesus said render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.  Spending their natural lives in prison would be paying back Caesar in my opinion.