Newt Gingrich posted on Twitter: “When will President Obama recognize his big govt policies don’t work?”

Our “big government” is the smallest it’s been for years. Obama’s policies are good for the country, not bad. The Republicans can say they’re against big government, but why aren’t they cutting the money we give to to oil companies?

Then, he posted: “Jobs numbers are also further proof that tax increases as part of a debt ceiling deal are unacceptable.”

No, Newt, they’re not. They’re further proof that unskilled workers and middle-management can’t find jobs. It is further proof that if you can’t sell your house to move to a new location, you’re going to stay unemployed. If you have skills and, especially if you have a college education, you can find a job right now in nearly any market. You just have to have the right skills and be in the right place.

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