Man, this paper gets worse every single day. First, we had to read about Fisk Johnson’s divorce — right there on page one. His divorce, in my eyes, is not my business, nor is it newsworthy enough to make the front page of the paper. Now, today, right there on the front page for all the world to see is the biggest, son-of-a-bitch I have ever known — Jim Andrews.

I worked for Jim for a little over a year at his — I can’t believe he’s still in business — Sierra, Inc. He walked in the day after Labor Day, said he was tried of writing checks and proceeded to layoff five of his employees — me included. When I left my job at MJ Care to go to Sierra, I would’ve never have gone if I had known I’d be there just a year.

And now, that son of a bitch is on the front page. I didn’t read the article — Cheryl’s worried that I’ll have some sort of stroke and she took it away from me — but whatever this electric car angle is — he doesn’t promote anything unless there is something in it for him.

Keep that in mind. And, yes, I know I’m not being a good Christian because I’ve never really forgiven him for laying me off, but I’m working on it. And, yes, I know that some people can turn over a new leaf, but I believe he’s turned over a new leaf about the same as I believe President Bush will have us out of Iraq by the time he leaves office.

God Bless

PS. There’s another guy who actually fired me and I wasn’t too keen on him for a while, but I did learn somethings at his company that helped me move on in life, so I really didn’t hold a grudge. Anyway, a couple of years ago, I saw him and he said he had made a mistake when he had let me go. I just didn’t want you to think that I hold grudges.