We’ve heard a lot about immigration these days. It’s on the front page of the paper, top story on the news and the Presidential candidates are all discussing it. President Bush is calling for his way to be passed — it is stalled in the Senate.

Sometimes, I wonder just what a big deal this is. Why is it that we only worry about illegal immigrants once every twenty years or so? Why aren’t we spending as much time on lowering our national debt as we pay lip service to immigration?

Lou Dobbs put this much better than I can regarding what to do about illegals, but basically, he said:

  • Secure our borders — say we’re going to secure them and back it up with the money and manpower to do so.
  • Make those who hire illegals pay for the crime. Add in stiffer penalities for those employers that hire illegals
  • Enforce the existing immigration laws. We all ready have many laws in place, but no one actually enforces them.

I think Lou Dobbs is right on the money. This is a smart man and I wish he — or someone very much like him — would run for President.

But, that’ll probably never happen. People talk about making tough choices all the time, but they usually think someone else should be making them.

God Bless