According to the NY Times, President Bush and his brother , Jeb, have not been standing behind Katherine Harris in her bid for the Republican Senate nomination.

Now, I don’t live in Florida, so it is really none of my concern who becomes the next Senator from there, but what is up with the Bush boys? Didn’t Barbara and George Sr. teach them to stand by their friends? Didn’t they show them how to be gracious?

The Bush boys have been pushing for Allan Bense to run for the nomination. And, on Monday, Jeb Bush publicly announced that he didn’t think MS Harris could win and he mentioned that she has problems in her campaign.

Now, maybe, with President Bush’s ratings dropping to toilet level, his lack of endorsement for MS Harris won’t matter. Or, maybe she’s doing so poorly, because MS Harris is linked so closely with the 2000 election and President Bush and the people of Florida are mad their state went to Bush. Again, I don’t know, I don’t live there.

So, enough with the speculation.

I’m still upset that the President and Governor cannot stick by their friend. It shouldn’t matter whether or not she can win, she’s one of their friends and friends always stick up for friends — at least publicly.

God Bless