I was thinking this morning, as I was reading an article about Miss Porter’s School for Girls in Vanity Fair about coddling and blaming. And, I was thinking about why the economy has failed and what needs to be done and the car companies and I came up with this disjointed blog you’re now reading.
First, what goes up – must come down. After the boom years of the ’90s, it was only natural that the economy bottoms out.
Second, deregulation and the allowing of banks to be investors, too, didn’t seem to help. And, isn’t that sad? For most things, I’m not really into government regulation. I think businesses should be allowed to run themselves. I do believe it is sad that we need laws that protect people based on their sexual orientation, religion and race. I have held three jobs where, once my immediate supervisor found out I was gay, he (and I say he because they were all men) would have fired me, if it wasn’t illegal for him to do so. I worked one job in Illinois, where they didn’t have the protection (they might now, I do not know) and when my boss found out I was gay, out the door I went. And, it is more than that. Our government shouldn’t have to mandate a reduction in greenhouse gases. Businesses should be able to make changes without being told what to do like little children, but they don’t do they?
Case in point — the car companies — Chrysler is now own by Fiat, Ford is struggling (but the only one with a chance to survive — and I’ve put my own money into that notion) and GM will be gone soon — and, yet, why did this happen? Well, for one thing, no had to force Toyota and the other foreign car companies into building higher mpg cars. They did it and they won the car battle. Now, after taking government money, both Chrysler and GM are closing American plants that employ American workers and leaving foreign plants open. Isn’t that a kick in the rubber parts?
Finally, I think in the last eight years, there were bad decisions being made all around. As a country, we’re fighting two wars, we cut taxes (for the rich, at least, the middle class is still screwed) and we didn’t spend money on infastructure (our roads and bridges are falling apart). Add the thought that when given an option, people will do what is best for the greater good (on a whole) and suddenly, you have banks and investment firms failing left and right.
And, now, the President wants to try to initiate a Pay as you Go plan and he’s being critized by a bunch of people (Republicans) who claim to be fiscally responsible and weren’t. How else could we increase spending ($10 billion in Iraq every month since the war began total? $720 billion and all of it borrowed, none of it we will see again and someone is now very rich and it ain’t me).

God Bless