So, I was checking out the stats for my page. I like to see just from where my ten readers come. And I noticed that one reader — who has returned once — came from County Cork, Ireland. Now, this is a HUGE interest to me, because my great-grandfather, Percy (Patrick) Madigan came from County Cork, Ireland. (Which, if you’re interested, makes me a fourth generation Irish American.)

Anyway, I thought just in case my Irish reader wanders back to my blog, I’d say HI!

And, since I was looking, I thought I’d say hi to a few other places, so a big “HI!” to…

Milton, FL
Carlinville, IL — but I’m sure I’m related to you and say hi all the time.
Beirut, Lebanon
Rogers, AR
Ogden, UT
Madison, WI
Marble Falls, TX
Yukon Territory, Whitehorse, Canada — you should know, I love to visit Canada!
Whitesburg, KY
Reston, VA
Memphis, TN
Plano, TX

There were more places, but these were the ones with repeat visitors!

Have a great day!

God Bless