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Health Insurance and Big Brother

Let’s discuss Health Insurance.  Health insurance companies are not in business to take care of you.  They are not in business to make sure that you receive all of the health care you need.  They are in business to make money.  Publicly traded health insurance companies need to make money for their stockholders, too.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you really have much of a say in your health care, either.  It’s a myth.  Oh, sure, you can pick your doctor, but he or she will pretty much only provide medical care covered by your health insurance.  If they want to do an expensive test, pretty much they need a health insurance company’s permission to run it.  Want that new expensive drug?  Either pay for it out of your own pocket or hope that your health insurance prescription plan will cover it.

Arguments against Obama’s Health care plan were mostly either: I don’t want the government controlling my health care or I don’t want mandatory insurance.  I believe I’ve previously discussed the latter of the two.  Basically, I support mandatory insurance.  It helps all of us.  If everyone is covered, then none of us have to pay for someone who received care without payment. In addition, without mandatory insurance, you can’t have a law that prevents insurance companies from rejecting people for pre-existing conditions without making health insurance mandatory.

I understand the idea that government control over something is scary.  Oh, big brother is watching you.  The government is watching you.

It’s a joke.

We don’t want the government to put up intersection cameras, but we shop in stores where – with few exceptions – we’re videotaped.

We don’t want the government to negotiate the price for health insurance, but we turn over our choices to our employers.  If you’re employed and you have insurance, you did not make the choice regarding anything about the insurance.  If your employer is self-insured, as many are today, you’re really not making any choices at all.

Yes, most employers have two tiers of plans, so you make a choice there.  Yes, you’re making to take your employer’s coverage, but that’s pretty much it.

What’s covered, what’s not, in network doctors – none of that is your choice.

To honestly believe that you have a serious choice in your health care and it is all between you and your doctor – if this is the reason you’re against Obamacare – you’re just fooling yourself.  The treatment you receive is all about the deal between your doctor and your insurance company.

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  1. Don’t forget the Insurance comapny can also drop your doctor like a hot potato if they feel like it. Which is what mine did to me 3 months before my daughter was due. I found out when i went in to my regular Dr for a check up. I had to go through lists of replacement Drs. There was only one at the hospital I was at. I tried to get an appointment – I was a new patient, then the Dr, went on vacation for 6 weeks to India to see her family. Fair enough except.. My daughter was born a month early. I still love my old Sr.’s Admin assistant (she had been fighting to keep me as his patient) She started off the conversation with the insurance company with remember the patient that was due in September? Well she gave birth and the replacement Doctor is out of town Now Pay Up! Yep that is a GREAT feeling sitting in the hospital with your newborn and a huge bill and NO CLUE if you are covered or not. At least let me pick who is going to bend me over and not call the in the morning.

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