Bush’’s Embrace of Israel Shock?
According to a NY Times article from today, when President Bush told Ariel Sharon (in 2001, “six months before the Sept. 11”) that he would use force to protect Israel it was a shock.


I wouldn’t expect President Bush to do anything less than protect Israel at any cost. After all, Sharon removed his people from the Gaza strip, so what’s anyone’s beef? And, why can’t the surrounding Arab countries just leave Israel alone?

Personally, if they don’t — I’m sure there aren’t just going to feel the wrath of the US (not that we right now have the military strength to help Israel), but since the Jews are God’s chosen people, they’ll feel His wrath as well. I’d be more scared of God than Bush, but hat’s just me.

More Trouble for Gibson

Mel Gibson is still apologizing for the anti-Semite statements he made. First, I totally disagree with him, but second, as I Christian, I have to forgive him. So, could we discuss something else for a while?

Does this mean Elvis Won’t be my Teddy Bear?

According to CNN, Barney — a six year old Doberman pinscher — went on a rampage and destroyed numerous Teddy Bears, including one named Mabel that once belonged to Elvis.

Don’t they feed that dog?

Elton John is giving fashion advice?
Okay, I give. This one’s a joke, right? Mr. John teaching someone else how to dress?
Plus, what’s wrong with tatoos? I have two. One’s even a Teddy Bear.

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God Bless