Why is any news outlet interviewing Republicans about the Democratic convention? This isn’t the week of the Republicans — it is the week of the Democrats. Who cares what the other side has to say this week. They’ll have their chance during their convention. Now, so no one can say I’m being unfair, I’ll just state it now: I don’t care what the Democrats have to say during the Republican convention. Can we hear the messages and speeches without hearing the twisting of words from the opposite side?

Why do people still think Al Gore said he invented the Internet? How come that sticks in people’s minds, especially when it isn’t true?

And, speaking of Al Gore, why do people still believe that Global Warming is fake, even when there is a mound of evidence to the contrary? Plus, how could anyone be against making air safer to breath and water safer to drink? What are these people thinking?

And, why is it that when I’m in the shower, I get great ideas for things to write, but the minute my feet hit the tile floor, the idea is gone? How could I do my best thinking in the bathroom?

Why do people think that because they attend church they’re good Christians? I can stand in my garage, it doesn’t make me a Buick.

One last thing: why is Halle Berry the first Black woman to receive a Best Actress Oscar and Barack Obama the first Black nominee for President when both of them are each 1/2 white? Why aren’t they the first mixed race Best Actress Oscar winner and the first mixed race nominee for President?

God Bless