Florida is considering a Christian License plate.  The plate has a cross in front of a stain glass window and the words I Believe.  The plate looks colorful enough.  Now, would I get one of these plates if it were available in Wisconsin — no way. The extra $25.00 to have one goes to Faith in Teaching Inc. which supports faith-based schools activities.  I don’t have anything against faith-based school activities per se.  I attended Bible study at my grade school on Thursday afternoons from 2nd or 3rd grade (I don’t remember which) all the way until 6th grade.  However; back when I was a kid, this consisted mostly of teaching about Jesus and how He loves us, etc.  It wasn’t the right-wing stuff like the faith-based learning is now.

Anyway, my only problem with this plate is because of this (and I’m quoting directly from the CNN article):

Simon, of the ACLU, said approval of the plate could prompt many other groups to seek their own designs, and they could claim discrimination if their plans were rejected. That could even allow the Ku Klux Klan to get a plate, Simon said.

Bullard, the plate’s sponsor, isn’t sure all groups should be able to express their preference. If atheists came up with an “I Don’t Believe” plate, for example, he would probably oppose it.

Now, that would be wrong.

If you want to prove that the state isn’t supporting one religion, then I would say you have to let the atheists have their plate.

Now, I should say right here that I don’t believe in any of these plates.  I don’t have a Packer plate or the wild animal fund one or any of those plates.  First, I have bumper stickers to show what I believe and second, I don’t announce to whom I give money.  (Remember, Jesus said to give to charity secretedly and I’m sure he meant don’t put it on your license plate!)  However; everyone has the right to their own opinions and if people like these plates, they should get them.

But, if you offer a Christian plate, you really need to offer the alternative.  If you offer an anti-abortion plate, you need to offer a planned parenthood one.  If you offer one supporting straight people, you need to offer one for gay people.  It’s all about fairness.

At least it is in my book.

God Bless