Once again, Florida has managed to screw the entire country.  A Federal judge in Florida has ruled that the Health Care Law is unconstitutional, particularly the part about the mandatory coverage.  I don’t recall anything in the Constitution that states our Federal government cannot make Health Care a mandatory item.  In fact, our Constitution gives Congress the right to regulate commerce over state lines and internationally.  Insurance companies certainly work across state lines and now with globalization, I feel safe in saying that they work across international lines as well.

It is probably a safe bet that when the US Supreme Court eventually hears this case (after all of the appeals), they will most likely rule the way of Florida.  After all, these are the same people who ruled that Corporations are people and should have the same rights and privileges as we do.

I don’t believe that the Health Care law is unconstitutional.  I don’t believe that making insurance mandatory is anything more than common sense – something we’ve been lacking in this country for years.  By making it mandatory, you do two things: 1) You lower the price of everyone’s premiums.  The more people on an insurance plan, the less money paid per premium.  2) You protect the insurance companies.  Yes, I said protect the insurance companies.  I know plenty of people who wouldn’t buy insurance and then, when their seriously ill, run right out and purchase an insurance plan knowing that the insurance companies cannot turn them down because of a pre-existing condition.  Of course, with this ruling, that flies out the window.

I hope the small-minded and short-sighted states that brought this challenge into the Florida courts are satisfied.  They’ve, most likely, effectively killed Health Care in this country for a very long time.  There’s 45 million people who will not be able to have health care.  There’s millions of college kids who will not be able to stay on their parents’ plans until age 26.  And, now, my pre-existing condition won’t be covered.

Thanks for nothing.