This just in:
The US Food and Drug Administration has not approved Organon’s New Drug Application for tibolone as a treatment for women with menopausal symptoms, Akzo Nobel NV said.

But, the FDA has decided that they want our nation’s restaurants to cut their portion sizes.

Let me get this straight, I’m a fat gal. Part of it is genetic, I come from a chunky mom and a chunky maternal grandmother. Until recently, I didn’t much bother watching my weight and I rarely used a doggie bag in a restaurant. Barring any contributing factor genetics pay in my fatness, pretty much it’s because I don’t eat right and I certainly don’t exercise.

It isn’t McDonald’s fault that I’m a size 22 (down from a high size of 26 just a couple of years ago). It’s MY fault. Let me say that again — MY FAULT. Remember that? Personal responsibility? Republicans love to throw that expression out, but it seems as if the government doesn’t really think anyone of us can follow it.

I don’t want my favorite restaurants controlling my portion sizes. Frankly, there are some restaurants where I don’t think the portions are big enough to demand the high price I’ve paid.

Plus, if I want a salad, I’ll stay home and make one. The ones in 90% of restaurants are horrible — in my opinion.

So, here’s what I have to say to the FDA — go home and shut up. Your overthinking staff in the agency have not approved the menopause treatment drug — tibolone, which has been on the market in other countries for 20 years, but you want to tell restaurants how much food to be on my plate?

Does that even make sense?

God Bless