Today’s gospel is from Matthew 22 where Jesus states, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and render to God what is God’s.” In his homily, Father Chuck said that even though Jesus said this, what we needed to remember is that everything is God’s and we need to keep our faith in mind when making political decisions.

I agree, this does not say that we can’t have separation of church and state, just that we need to remember that when we separate church and state, it still all belongs to God. Everything. Our decisions on how we vote, as Christians, should be based on our Christian faith.

Father Chuck’s homily made a lot of sense to me and for once, I didn’t need to feel guilty. I all ready use faith in making political decisions. I believe in tax breaks not for the wealthy, but for the working poor. All child care costs should be pre-tax. I believe that the EPA should help improve the environment. God entrusted us with the earth and we aren’t taking very good care of it for Him. I, also, believe that the EPA should recognize other fuels besides gasoline for powering our vehicles (more on this at a later time).

I am pro-life and that includes the death penalty. In answer to your unasked question, no, I probably wouldn’t feel that way if it was my wife or child, but I would hope that after my mourning was over that I could start the healing process with forgiveness. This isn’t to say that I am somehow soft on crime. I don’t think murderers should get ten years and I do believe that rapists and child molesters should never be set free.

I believe that when we make cuts in our local, state and federal budgets, we should never cut what will hurt the least of us — the poor and downtrodden. Also, when the military budget is raised, decent raises should be handed out to the men and women who serve.
One last thought for today, I’m really tired of being lumped into a category of being a secular liberal. Just because I don’t want my tax dollars supporting faith base organizations who can discriminate against those who believe differently than they do, does not make me a secular liberal. I think it is time that all us Liberal Christians stand up and clearly let the other side of the aisle know that we are out here. We believe in Christ Jesus as the way to our Lord God.

God Bless,