Today is (was?) day one of my attempt to replace real, burning tar carrying cigarettes with an electronic cigarette.  I have been trying to quit for quite some time.  I’m hoping that using an electronic cigarette will help with cravings and make me cut way down on regular cigarettes.

I’ve purchased a blu electronic cigarette.  The starter kit costs $59.95.  I purchased this one because of the available flavors.  Now, I have noticed that the flavors seem a little on the weak side, particularly the cherry flavor.  I was expecting a strong cherry.

However; they must be doing something right because I’ve only smoked two real cigarettes all day.  I puffed on the electronic one a few times during my work day and, admittedly, a lot during my drive home.

So, I’m going to post about my progress as I go along. I should point out that the cigarette advertised below is not the one I’m using. That one is advertised on the right. Also, the FDA has not approved electronic cigarettes as stop smoking devices.