Yeah, I know all of you just tolerate my ranting and ravings because you really want to see the new pictures of my grandsons. You can say it, you won’t hurt my feelings… I no longer have any.
So, anyway, as you may or may not know, we spent Thanksgiving with Dustin, Kim, Dustin’s Parents — Michelle and Dan and, of course, Da Boys. Well, I’m not going to blog post all the pictures, but I’ll post a taste. This weekend, I’ll get the rest of them up.

BTW, the best Thanksgiving meal award goes to Michelle, who is an excellent cook and I wish she would adopt me, so I can move in with her!

After Thanksgiving, we took the boys to meet their Great-Grandma, Mary, who is in Park Falls, this picture of Danny and Cheryl was taken in the Hotel room. Another shoutout — if you happen to be in Park Falls and you need a place to stay, go to the Super 8. It’s a lovely hotel with a terrific staff.

Anyway, I love this picture, because Danny’s making such a cute face. It almost looks like one of those faces a kid makes when they’re clowning around.

As you all know, it is very hard to get Danny to smile on camera, so I’m very proud of this picture. He’s just grinning away. He has such a nice smile, just like his Nana. Okay, okay, it’s really just like his Daddy’s.

You know how little kids like to shove things in their mouths? Well, Alex took his sock and shoved it in there, so I had to take a picture. Do you think he’ll be embarassed someday when he’s older?

Probably not. He just looks so happy! Can you believe these guys are only 61/2 months? Their little personalities are just so awesome.

Oh and so I’m fair and post two of Danny and two of Alex, here’s one of Alex and his Great-Grandma Mary. He sure is a charmer. He just reached right out to tug on her shirt. With all that was going on, I thought the boys would be a little crabbier, but they were terrific.

God Bless.