According to the Supreme Court, Corporations have the rights as people in this country. Crazy thought, isn’t it?
But, if they do, then they should have the same responsibilities.
Corporations should pay higher taxes on their profits. They take from our system hardworking people and if I have to pay 25% of my hard earned money in federal income taxes, they should as well.
Corporations should be patriotic, too. Any business that lays off employees and is still turning a profit is completely unpatriotic. I heard, recently, about a company who told their employees last December that 2009 was their best year ever and 2010 was looking to be an even bigger year. They’re now laying off staff in every single department across the company. And, why is that?
That’s right, so they can make their profits soar and make the family that owns them even richer. (No, it isn’t SC Johnson)
Does that sound like a company that is patriotic? Does that sound like a company who cares what happens to, not just their own employees, but to America?
Every person who is laid off from a job costs the rest of us money. Stores cannot sell their goods and they lose money. Unemployment insurance is raised at other companies to cover the rising cost of unemployment insurance. Homes are foreclosed and other homes in those neighborhoods see their values fall.
If Corporations want to be considered people, then they should start acting like the rest of us. I wouldn’t earn a huge profit while laying off my neighbor. Would you?