– Christian group angry over Britney ‘Will’ – Feb 3, 2006

Apparently, the American Family Association thinks that the only protrait we should have in this country is the one they proclaim is correct. According to them, if Britney Spears appears as a Conservative Christian in Will and Grace it will “further denigrate Christianity”. You can read the whole story for yourself, but here is my thought — the American Family Association wants to claim Christianity for itself and only have their one belief system shown to the public.

They want the public to believe that the right-wing, fundelmentalist christian belief system is the “correct” one. Hey, Will and Grace — not going to denigrate Christianity — The Book of Daniel — not going to denigrate Christianity — the American Family Association — definitely denigrating Christianity.

The truth of the world is:

Ministers are not perfect.
There are Christian gays.
Christians cannot walk on water.

We are a sinful and imperfect bunch of people. Unfortunately, we all forget that our beliefs are not the only beliefs. Too bad the AFA doesn’t feel the same way.