Let’s get a little personal — all right, who am I kidding? I always get personal.

So, my cousin is getting married this weekend. I have an outfit to wear, but I don’t like the top — it’s too heavy for a July wedding — so I need a new top. Yesterday, I went to Catherine’s – over on Washington in Racine. The saleslady’s name was Cheryl. She was very nice and very helpful. I didn’t find a top, but I found a new pair of jeans and I needed a new pair of jeans.

Tonight, I went to Fashion Bug, where I was waited on by Alfie and Chantel, also on Washington in Racine. Alfie was supposed to be leaving, but she stayed late so that I would have the perfect top for my cousin’s wedding. And, now I do.

So, if you need clothes, I suggest Fashion Bug and Catherine’s. If you go by Fashion Bug and see Alfie, tell her Julie told you to come by.

God Bless