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Quick Thoughts on the Packers

Went to the Packer game yesterday and even though they lost, I totally enjoyed myself. Honest truth — the Bengals should NOT have won that game. They had 13 penalties against them when I lost count and turned the ball over twice that resulted in scores for the Packers. But, the Bengals made the plays when they needed to make something happen – 3 and over 30 and they get the first down. Kudos to the Bengals for coming into Lambeau Field and overcoming their penalties. Honestly, can’t those guys on the Bengals offensive line count?

The Packers played like high schoolers. So, here are my notes to the Pack…

  1. If you keep your defense on the field for most of the game, you will lose the game. Plain and simple. Those guys cannot carry you.
  2. Aaron Rodgers is a good quarterback. He needs time to hone his talent. Let’s not bench him right off the back. This is actually geared to the fans.
  3. Offensive line — if you don’t protect your quarterback, he CAN’T THROW THE BALL.
  4. You don’t use two timeouts near the end of a game you’re losing, so you go under the two minute warning with NO timeouts.
  5. In the first half, the Pack was in field goal range. They punted. They should’ve kicked the field goal. The game wouldn’t have come down quite to the wire and would’ve had a different outcome.
  6. This week — and do this just for me — practice running. The Pack had no running game. I swear it was like Rodgers rushed for more yards than anyone else.
  7. After your quarterback runs and gets the first down — don’t drop the football on the next carry. You lost your momentum and that was that.

God Bless

Cheryl @ game!

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Packer Game

I am attending today’s Packer game. It will be my first Packer game. So, I thought I might try an experiment. I’m going to Twitter the game. So, watch my blog – or if you are a friend on Facebook – you can see my posts there.
Wish me luck and God Bless

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