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The GOP Response

Tonight after President Obama’s State of the Union address, Paul Ryan will deliver the Republican response.  I do not have a problem with that.
What I do have a problem with is Michelle Bachmann of MN. What is with this woman? You only need one response.
According to an article on CNN, Rand Paul doesn’t have a problem with this. He sees plenty of room for more than one opinion in the Republican Party. No – and this would be the same for the Democrats – agree on your platform and run with it.
I think what’s happening is there are two Republican parties now. The first is the traditional and the other is the Tea Party. The main GOP is spending a lot of time trying to be everything to everyone and I don’t believe that is a good thing.

Anti-outsourcing bill fails in Senate – Republicans screw things up again

Anti-outsourcing bill fails in Senate.

This bill would have prevented jobs from going overseas.  Go ahead, vote for the Republicans in November and kiss your jobs goodbye.  Those four Democrats that voted with them should be voted out as well.

Still think the Republicans Give a Damn about You?

Then read this:

The Republicans blocked a bill that help keep American jobs from going overseas.  It “would have ended certain tax breaks for companies expanding overseas while giving new tax incentives to businesses bringing jobs home.”

The Republicans claim that this is just an election ploy.

I claim that the Republicans really don’t give a flying fig about you, me, our children and grandchildren.  They would rather grandstand and swing their arms screaming about a disaster than actually pass a bill that will help the nation.

Haven’t we had enough?

I keep seeing the polls that says Johnson is leading against Feingold and I hang my head.  It seems that my fellow Wisconsinites don’t know a good thing when they see it.  They’re fooled by the rainmaker.

If we give the keys to the nation back to the Republicans, we get what we deserve.

See, I’m not worried about myself.  I am a highly trained, highly skilled worker.  Unless the country completely falls apart, I’ll have a job.  I might have to cut back a little bit, but I haven’t been on unemployment since 2000 and that only lasted a few months.  I put money away into my 401k and my IRA, so retirement will be a breeze for me.

I worry about you and your family.  You there – yes, you.  The one who has been out of work for six months with three little mouths to feed.  How much is in your children’s college fund?  How much is in your 401k? Savings?  How close is your house to being paid off?  What is your education level?  Your skill level?  If you find a job, will it pay enough?

Think long and hard about the person you give your vote to.

Is he rich?

Does he understand that if our jobs keep going overseas, there won’t be anyone here to tax?

Does he understand that the Department of Education ensures that poorer Americans can get a good education, so they can move up one more rung on the ladder?

Does he understand that a family shouldn’t have to choose between medication and eating?

Did he vote to extend unemployment benefits?

Does he support Social Security?  Because, you’re going to need every dime you can get from Social Security.

Does he understand how the economy works?

Does he understand that by allowing banks to branch out into investment banks caused the Wall Street crisis?

Does he get it?

Can you trust him to get the job done?

Will he honestly look out for you? Or, is he just going to make promises he can’t / won’t keep?

Think about it.

This isn’t a fight about gay marriage and family values.

This isn’t a fight about socialism and true conservatives.

This is a fight for our future and who is going to do a better job of ensuring the AVERAGE American a good future.

Look at the Republicans’ record on their votes for the AVERAGE American — under their reign, the gap between the top tier and the bottom tier grew exponentially.  Do you think they give a rat’s ass about you?

He doesn’t.  The Republicans haven’t cared about the American Public since Theodore Roosevelt left office in 1909.

But, go ahead, give them your vote.  You’re not hurting me – they’ll never really pass a law that will put gay people in jail – like Montana and Texas Republicans want.  They would lose a huge wedge issue that motivates their “base”.

So, I’ll be all right.  I’ll keep right on working, like I always have, but you – you don’t need your job to go overseas.  You need to support your family.

Good luck with that when the Republicans take over again.

Lack of Republican Solutions

Did Republican Leader John Boehner really say on Sunday we can’t “begin to talk about potential solutions”?  Honestly?

Why not?

Are we really going to allow the nation to fail for the next two years because the Republicans don’t want Obama to succeed?  How does that work?

High unemployment?  We’re sorry, but if everyone who wants a job had a job, Obama would get the credit.

Is that there answer?

Is anyone paying attention?  Or, are we all drinking tea?

Life Support for Republicans

There has been a lot of commentary regarding the death of the Republican Party since President Obama’s election. Personally, I think this is just the ebb and flow of politics. Republicans get to be in power for a while and then the Democrats do and then back to the Republicans. Except, this time, I don’t think many of us will be flowing back to the Republicans any time soon.

I should note that I used to be a Republican. I know a lot of people will find it hard to believe, but I was a Reagan supporter, however; by the time Reagan left office in 1989, I was a Democrat. One of the reasons for the switch was the AIDS epidemic. Reagan completely ignored AIDS almost until the end of his presidency when he finally uttered the word in a speech in 1987. By that time, the whole country had all ready uttered the word. That was it, when Bush the first ran for President, I voted for Dukakis.

Now the ebb and tide have flowed and the Democrats have full power in all three branches of government and the Republicans are digging themselves a deeper grave. Instead of reaching out and saying, “What can we do to help?” the Republicans are moving farther to the right, allowing lie spreaders such as Betsy McCaughey and Sarah Palin to speak for them and bowing down to that windbag, Russ Limbaugh, whenever he speaks. It is almost as if they don’t care about the future of their own political party.

But, I care and so I’m offering a few tips – free of charge – to the Republicans to help them get back on the right track.

  1. Stop spreading lies. Allowing the lies to continue doesn’t help your cause. Do you want a party of complainers or do you want a political party that will grow? Hold an honest debate on healthcare. In fact, hold honest debates on everything. Stop holding invitation only talks on healthcare, such as Senators John McCain and Mitch McConnell held in Miami. Must be nice not to see the protestors, but this is no way to fully get the ball rolling on a debate.
  2. Quit the attacks on the intellectuals. Somewhere along the lines, smart people became the enemy. Intellectual became a bad word. The GOP has become the Party of the non-thinkers. In fact, quit attacking everything and start working on ideas. Not everything that comes from the left is wrong, just like not every conservative idea is right. By constantly attacking you never build a consensus and you never stand for anything. And, like the old saying goes, You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.
  3. You don’t want the president to fail, so quit bowing down to the man who keeps saying it – Rush Limbaugh. Quit apologizing to him when you say something he doesn’t like. He doesn’t run the Republican Party and, let’s just say he does, kick him out. He isn’t helping your cause.
  4. The time for small government isn’t now. Yes, there are times when the government needs to take a back seat, but in the worse economic crisis the nation has seen since the great depression, now is not the time to call for smaller government. Nor is it the time to call for deficit reduction. Besides, it is a little hypocritical to call for a deficit reduction under a Democratic President, when you allowed the deficit to rise like a hot air balloon under a Republican President. And, remember, Theodore Roosevelt supported a strong government. (For those who don’t know, he was a Republican President.)

I think the idea that the Republican Party is dead and should be laid to rest is a bit extreme, but they could be in for a long Democratic era if they continue the path they are currently on. Gun-toting, Bible banging voters can only carry you so far and then, you have to learn to get along with the rest of us.

God Bless

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