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Credit – Bid Laden and the Bad Economy

Reading the comments on any news site is like traveling through a verbal minefield. Those on the right want to blame President Obama for our bad economy and those on the left want to blame former President Bush (George W, not George Herbert Walker). Then, regarding Bid Laden’s death, those on the right want to give credit to former President Bush (again, G.W.) and those on the left want to give credit to President Obama.

Both sides are wrong.

Admittedly, I don’t know a lot about the capture of Bin Laden – but, that’s not going to stop me from commenting. Here’s what I know based on various news reports.

I know that he was found in Pakistan. I know that at one point Pakistan was our “friend”. At some point, we decided that we needed more CIA operatives in Pakistan and we put them there. Eventually, these extra operatives were able to find out the necessary information on Bin Laden’s whereabouts and that is when President Obama was brought fully into the loop (Please don’t fool yourself in thinking that the CIA shares every bit of information with the President, they don’t.) and he made the decision to go and get Bin Laden.

Intelligence gathering takes time, just in case you don’t know. If the information had been gathered four years ago, Mission Accomplish would’ve rang true for Bush II, but it didn’t. Should President Obama be allowed to bask in glory of having found and disposing of our nation’s greatest enemy on his watch? Damn straight he should. Give the man his moment in the sun. He gave the order, he approved the mission. If it had failed, he would’ve taken the blame (remember Carter?). He, along with our fine Navy Seals – take that special forces (what can I say, I’m a Navy brat) – should feel proud for this successful mission.

Now, I would like to say one more thing. Former President George W. Bush is not dissing President Obama by not appearing at Ground Zero with him. He’s doing exactly what he said he would do: stay out of the spotlight. With the exception of his book tour, Bush has stayed away from being center stage. His father did it during Clinton’s presidency and now, George W. Bush is following in his father’s footsteps. He’s doing what the right wing doesn’t want done: He’s giving Obama his day of glory. I think that’s very nice of him.

Now, about the economy. Here’s a very short economic history lesson:

The repeal of the Glass-Seag­al Act in 1999 by the Gramm-Leac­h-Bliley Act started the financial mess (by removing the barrier between Wall Street investment banks and depository banks. This led to the sub prime mortgage crisis, which nearly brought this country to it’s knees. For the record, the Gramm-Leac­h-Bliley Act was sponsored by Republican­s and signed into law by a Democrat. Both parties are to blame.

Now, I believe that when you coupled the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act with Bush’s ridiculous tax cuts for the rich, you just added fuel to the fire. Profits became king, which made the banks and Wall Street take even more chances. However; I am not saying that the Bush tax cuts were the sole reason, just that they exasperated the situation. I am not sure what the tax cuts would’ve done to our economy without the repeal of the Glass-Seagal Act.

In other words, and I’ll say it again, both parties are to blame.

You know who isn’t to blame?

President Obama.

No matter how you slice it, you can’t lay the blame of a bad economy at the feet of a man who wasn’t in power when the economy started to tank. Even though I don’t believe Bush caused the bad economy, there’s at least some cause and effect there and precedence for blaming him. Remember, Carter was blame for the bad economy he inherited from Ford and Reagan was blamed for the bad economy he inherited from Carter. (The 70’s and early 80’s were just a bad time.) In fact, I don’t think Reagan would be so beloved today if he had to deal with the 24 hour news channels and the bloggers like Obama does. But, that’s for another blog.

So, in a nutshell, let’s stop all this petty bullshit and start actually working together. Let’s stop shouting crap at each other and start crossing the aisle. Neither side has a monopoly on what’s wrong for our country and neither side has a monopoly on what’s right for our country. We’re never going to get anywhere if we keep hoping the President fails or slam him all the time. We can’t solve any of our problems talking about those blowhards, Palin and Trump – two people who couldn’t be elected dog catcher to the stars. Let’s start having open dialogues about the issues with some facts, not falsehoods and let’s figure out how to solve our problems. We didn’t kill Bin Laden without some cooperation on both sides and we won’t be able to fix the economy without it.

Twisted Headlines

Yesterday on facebook, a co-worker of mine posted the following: “Obama skipping Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. ‘He’ll be on vacation in Chicago'”  You would think a comment like that couldn’t possibly start any trouble, could you?

Well, it went on and on.  There are actual news articles and blogs calling Obama out for sending Joe Biden in his place.  As it turns out, President Obama will be at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery.  It’s not like, in the words of my co-worker, he’s spending the day at a waterpark.

You’re probably wondering why I am posting about a post from facebook and here’s why.  It bugged the heck out of me.  I couldn’t find much in the way of Presidents attending the Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington.  But, I did find out that Obama isn’t the first President to miss it.  When I pointed out that Bush II had missed to be in Normandy, France.  A person stated, “And it always goes back to Bush II for some reason….very interesting. The hatred for him knows no bounds”  And, proceeded to post Bush’s Normandy comments.

Here’s what bugs me:  Yes, I thought President George W. Bush was a bad President and, yes, I voted for Obama and I will be voting for Obama in 2012.  But, I don’t pull out something Bush had done and necessarily mean it was a bad thing.  And, can’t people say anything about Bush and not be accused of hating him?

In fact, I don’t even care that Bush went to Normandy, I was merely pointing out that this Presidential tradition had been broken before.  In fact, later in the day, I learned that Reagan missed in 1983 to attend an economic summit and Bush I missed to speak at an American Legion and then play golf.

So, I was thinking, Are we really that bad in this country that we infer or project how we think a person feels because we label them?  Some people think I’m a radical liberal — far from the truth — but does that mean that no matter what I say, they hear a radical liberal response?

Does that mean that we have stopped paying attention to each other?  I realize our pundits have completely lost their minds and stopped listening, but have the rest of us?  And, if we have, isn’t that the saddest thing ever?  How can we solve our country’s problems if we when hear an idea, we only agree if they’re a Conservative Republican or a Liberal Democrat?  Why are we so polarized when, except when driving a car, the middle of the road is usually the best place to be?

God Bless

Bush Wants to Work during Last 100 Days

Bush: ‘Lot of work to do’ in last 100 days” says the headline on  No, President Bush, you’ve done enough.  Just go take another vacation and we’ll let the big boys handle the issues.

I read the headline to Cheryl this morning and she says, “He’s worried about his legacy.”  What an understatement!  But, she is hitting it on the head.  When future generations judge Bush the Seconds reign of error, they will not be kind.  Gas prices more that doubled under Bush.  The economy is tanking.  A war in Iraq where he declared Mission Accomplished and yet, our men and women are still there fighting.  Now, we have $700 billion dollars added to our rising deficit.  To pay it off every man, woman and child will need to send $3100 to the Federal Government.  I don’t happen to have that lying around to just send, do you?

Bush talked about an ownership nation, but he didn’t mean the rich owned up — he just meant the poor and middle class are on their own.

Now, he really wants to do something in his last hundred days.

Don’t, Mr. President.  You’ve done enough.

God Bless

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