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Was it something I said?

I saw this headline:  Glenn Beck Dropped From New York Radio Station, TV Ratings Fall.  The actual article on Huffington Post shows a different headline, but this is the one from iGoogle.

Anyway, are people finally realizing that Beck is full of crap?

Is it mean of me to do the white woman happy dance?

Glenn Beck’s Special Kind of Crazy

Glenn Beck is a very special kind of Crazy.  He has three outlets for his craziness: TV Show, Radio Show and his website.  The only thing that I have ever heard Glenn Beck say that was even close to the truth is that this nation is a republic.  He’s right, we’re a republic.  However; the rest of what he says would get anyone else committed to an insane asylum.  The man is a total whack job and unfortunately approximately 2 million Americans watch his TV show every day.  His radio show is the third most listened to in the country.  Apparently, there are a lot of Americans out there who are just as crazy as Beck appears to be.

See, I just thought Beck was a harmless crappy entertainer who said stupid stuff just to keep the uneducated, right-wing masses entertained.  But, I was wrong.  People actually believe the crap that leaves his mouth and enters the airwaves.  Why do they believe it?  I don’t know – it’s a mystery, like whether or not Beck’s mother killed herself when he was fifteen or if her drowning was an accident.  I vote for the former, perhaps she knew what kind of an embarrassment her son would turn out to be.

Perhaps, I’m placing too much thought into this.  Maybe, it isn’t a mystery at all.  There was a study recently that discovered that when people are confronted with facts that disprove their own beliefs, they will disregard the facts in order to stand by their beliefs.  Perhaps, Beck’s audience watches him just because they believe what he espouses.  Is anyone else a little scared by this?

Seriously, it worries me that we have started down a path where facts and figures are disregarded.  We’re traveling into a future where people no longer respect those who have an education.  Jesus said, “truth will make you free” and, yet, most people will disregard truths in order to stick to their own beliefs.

I no longer believe that Beck is a harmless schmuck.  Every time someone in this country believes the absolute lies that spew from his mouth, we fall just a little bit farther down the rabbit hole.

Am I alone in this?

What the “Right” Means to Me.

It dawned on me this morning, as I was writing a piece on Net Neutrality, that I throw terms around and it is possible that my readers wouldn’t understand them.  For example, the Right.  I say it quite a bit and it is possible that people could misconstrue whom I mean.

When I say the right, I don’t mean true blue conservatives.  I don’t mean the educated people who can quote William F. Buckley, Jr.  I mean these new right.  Those people who watch Glenn Beck and actually agree with him.  Those people who have Palin 2012 stickers on the back of their cars.  Those people who do not understand the difference between conservative, liberal, socialism and libertarian.  Those people who think every liberal idea is wrong and every conservative idea is right.

You know who you are.

The ones who blame Obama for the mess we’re in because they’ve never taken an economics class and don’t understand how the real world works.

The ones who rally against big government, yet don’t want to lose Social Security and Medicare.

The ones who vote against their own best interests.  The ones who only get their news from Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

The followers of the American Family Association, the National Organization for Marriage and the Westboro Baptist Church.

That’s who I mean when I say the right.  Not the respectable conservatives that used to have a voice in this nation.  Not the people who know that Reagan and O’Neil would meet in the middle to hammer out legislation.

The Racist That Wasn’t

Have you ever walked in on a conversation and misunderstood what was being discussed?

Sure you have – we all have missed the point when we don’t hear the full story or are told the full context.

In right wing circles, they are all clamoring to find that Black racist that proves that Blacks hate Whites as much as Whites hate Blacks. They want to support the comments made by Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh to prove that Obama is a racist. The thought that a man who is both white and black being racist is absurd, but there are people in this nation who believe the most unbelievable things. Their own racism shows when they fear that the other side of the coin believes the way that they do.

This desire to find anti-white racism where it isn’t is probably what led to conservative blogger and activist, Andrew Breitbart, to post a “2 minutes, 38 seconds of video clips of a black federal agriculture official saying she didn’t do everything she could to help a white farmer”. He merely found the part he wanted, posted it and watched as our nation – including our White House – lose its collective mind in a mad rush to judgment.

In one day, the black official – Shirley Sherrod – has been forced to resign by an administration who should have dug deeper into the facts. She is villainized by the right wing press, including Bill O’Reily (who is usually a bit more levelheaded). The clip plays every where until levelheads prevail and it is pointed out that the words taken out of context seem racist. However; context is everything and, if you don’t hear Sherrod’s entire speech, you miss her whole point, which is decidedly not racist.

Like the conversation that starts before you arrive.

I’m ashamed that the administration has to backpedal.  Robert Gibbs made a full apology.  The administration should take some of the blame for the mess that is now out there.

But, the media, who jumped on the story like a starving man jumping on a Big Mac, should shoulder the majority of the blame.

Even Glenn Beck, who surprisingly didn’t jump on the story (as far as I can tell), said “What’s happening here is that she’s guilty until proven innocent. They fired her and now they are back-pedaling. There’s no due process here. Doesn’t an American have a right to a fair trial? They have politically assassinated this woman. No one has heard the case for or against her, they just took her out. When did we stop having the right to face our accusers?”

A rare message of reason from Mr. Beck.  He’s right.  The administration went too far, but the media led the crusade against Shirley Sherrod.  And, for that, they should hang their heads in shame.

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