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National Organization for Marriage Video

Last week, I posted a video about the National Organization for Marriage.  I took some quotes from the National Organization for Marriage website and some information from a post over at the Bilerico website.  Well, today I check out the Bilerico website and what do I see?  A little write up about my video!

Please take the time to check out the Bilerico site and, if you have time, the mention about me!

Thanks, Bil!

Moderation of Comments

I used to not moderate comments, but in recent days, I’ve noticed a lot of comments with links to products and that are more generic than actually commenting on the topic at hand.

If you post a comment and add a link to your blog, as long as the comment is relevant, I will allow the comment to post.  In other words, it must actually sound as if you read the post.

I will make every effort to ensure that all comments are posted, especially if I disagree.  If your comment is deleted and you think I made a mistake, contact me.  I’ll put it up.

We all know that people who just want to place a comment that doubles as an ad, won’t contact me.

Andrew Breitbrat says she’s racist

New Audio Blog and some changes!

WordPress allows phoned in audio blogs. Unfortunately for me, they don’t allow them for self-hosted sites. I’m sure I could set something up and create them at home, but there are times when I get an idea for a blog and I’m not near a computer in order to post it. I signed up for a hosted blog and boom! I’m now able to phone it in. This morning, I posted my first audio blog. Please check it out.

Also, this beautiful rainy morning, you should notice a change in the look of the site.  I made these changes to give all my blogs the same look and feel.  I’ve put up links for the audio blog and online comics.  You’ll be able to easily move from one blog to another.

I hope you enjoy the changes.  The front page of Top Of My Head will have a couple of changes as well before the weekend is over.

Have a great weekend! See you Monday!

The Racist That Wasn’t

Have you ever walked in on a conversation and misunderstood what was being discussed?

Sure you have – we all have missed the point when we don’t hear the full story or are told the full context.

In right wing circles, they are all clamoring to find that Black racist that proves that Blacks hate Whites as much as Whites hate Blacks. They want to support the comments made by Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh to prove that Obama is a racist. The thought that a man who is both white and black being racist is absurd, but there are people in this nation who believe the most unbelievable things. Their own racism shows when they fear that the other side of the coin believes the way that they do.

This desire to find anti-white racism where it isn’t is probably what led to conservative blogger and activist, Andrew Breitbart, to post a “2 minutes, 38 seconds of video clips of a black federal agriculture official saying she didn’t do everything she could to help a white farmer”. He merely found the part he wanted, posted it and watched as our nation – including our White House – lose its collective mind in a mad rush to judgment.

In one day, the black official – Shirley Sherrod – has been forced to resign by an administration who should have dug deeper into the facts. She is villainized by the right wing press, including Bill O’Reily (who is usually a bit more levelheaded). The clip plays every where until levelheads prevail and it is pointed out that the words taken out of context seem racist. However; context is everything and, if you don’t hear Sherrod’s entire speech, you miss her whole point, which is decidedly not racist.

Like the conversation that starts before you arrive.

I’m ashamed that the administration has to backpedal.  Robert Gibbs made a full apology.  The administration should take some of the blame for the mess that is now out there.

But, the media, who jumped on the story like a starving man jumping on a Big Mac, should shoulder the majority of the blame.

Even Glenn Beck, who surprisingly didn’t jump on the story (as far as I can tell), said “What’s happening here is that she’s guilty until proven innocent. They fired her and now they are back-pedaling. There’s no due process here. Doesn’t an American have a right to a fair trial? They have politically assassinated this woman. No one has heard the case for or against her, they just took her out. When did we stop having the right to face our accusers?”

A rare message of reason from Mr. Beck.  He’s right.  The administration went too far, but the media led the crusade against Shirley Sherrod.  And, for that, they should hang their heads in shame.


Do you ever wonder just who is behind an anti-gay measure?  Who provides the money for the ads?  Who is at the top of the anti-gay food chain?  The website Base8 provides this information. 

According to the FAQ, Base8 “is an ever-growing, ever-evolving, human-edited, searchable database of donors to political campaigns and related causes, both for and against equal rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people.”
I wanted to pass this great resource site on to my readers.
Have a great day!


You know, I don’t trust anyone who moderates their comments before they allow them to be posted. I think it’s rude. I read the comments written and, I haven’t had a need as of yet, I plan on removing/deleting any cuss words. This is a family friendly site. Now, I’m not like some bloggers who believe they are being stalked. They even go as far as to prevent people from writing comments. Yet, they will comment on the deleted comment, which I believe is wrong.

I don’t believe anything until I can see it for myself. If you just tell me that the rant was off-topic and disgraceful, how do I really know that? I don’t. Heck, you could really write the comment yourself and just say it’s from a liberal / conservative that is stalking you.

So, anyway, I wrote a comment on a blog I’m not mentioning whose. But, I’m pretty sure that I wrote a comment larger than what ended up there. But, I’m not positive. So, this time, I kept a copy for myself. (See below.) If it is edited for comment, I’ll know and I’ll let you know just who censored it.

Origninal, with “moderator’s” comments are in bold:
Just a quick question…Why delete a liberal’s post, unless you are editing for foul language, what’s the point?

RV: The point has been made clear a thousand times, Julie. And I delete the childishness of cussing people out, degrading veterans and commenting off topic.

If they are truly ranting for ranting’s sake, aren’t they just proving your point?

RV: My posts say time and time again that they’re proving my point. Do you read?

New Comment:
“Okay, but how do I, someone who did not read the post you deleted, know that they are proving your point? I didn’t read the comment myself.
I can understand censoring out words that cannot be used in mixed company, but why not just x-out those words and let the rest of the rant stand?
And, yes, I can read. I’m pretty good at it, despite my public school education.

Oh, I should mention that I have actually deleted comments left on one of my blogs, but they weren’t comments, they were ads.”

I should note that before I decided to post this comment, I went back to see if my above comment had been added — it hadn’t. So, I thought maybe something was wrong and I’ve re-sent it.

God Bless.

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