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Genco is trying to Acquire ATC Technology

I saw a news article that states that Genco (Pittsburgh, PA)  has offered to purchase ATC Technology for “$512.6 million in cash”.  According to the CEO of ATC Technology, Todd R. Peters, “said the deal serves the best interest of its stockholders, customers and employees.”

Well, maybe the customers and maybe the stockholders, but I can assure you that it won’t serve the employees.

To ATC Technology employees — RUN!  Start looking for a new job now.  Because everything is going to look wonderful and it will be all happy and lovey dovey, but in a year or even two, GENCO corporate will come in and make your life miserable.  I know, I’ve seen it happen.  That’s why they are my ex-employer.  I worked there for just shy of three years.  The first two were fine, but the last year was pure hell.

And, since GENCO is privately held, they don’t have to tell you about their finances.  They don’t have to tell you how much they’ve made.  They can tell you business is bad, so you’re all getting a 1.1% raise and at the end of the year, they’ll say they had the best year ever.

Just trust me, RUN!


According to the Supreme Court, Corporations have the rights as people in this country. Crazy thought, isn’t it?
But, if they do, then they should have the same responsibilities.
Corporations should pay higher taxes on their profits. They take from our system hardworking people and if I have to pay 25% of my hard earned money in federal income taxes, they should as well.
Corporations should be patriotic, too. Any business that lays off employees and is still turning a profit is completely unpatriotic. I heard, recently, about a company who told their employees last December that 2009 was their best year ever and 2010 was looking to be an even bigger year. They’re now laying off staff in every single department across the company. And, why is that?
That’s right, so they can make their profits soar and make the family that owns them even richer. (No, it isn’t SC Johnson)
Does that sound like a company that is patriotic? Does that sound like a company who cares what happens to, not just their own employees, but to America?
Every person who is laid off from a job costs the rest of us money. Stores cannot sell their goods and they lose money. Unemployment insurance is raised at other companies to cover the rising cost of unemployment insurance. Homes are foreclosed and other homes in those neighborhoods see their values fall.
If Corporations want to be considered people, then they should start acting like the rest of us. I wouldn’t earn a huge profit while laying off my neighbor. Would you?

As American As An Apple iPhone?

Sometimes I wonder just how my brain manages to function with the eclectic thoughts and interests I have rummaging around in there.  On the day that my Vanity Fair magazine arrived (yesterday) so did my PlayStation Magazine.  And, then, I was left with a decision:  which one do I read first?  The one that holds the last interview with Dennis Hopper or the one that has a huge article on LittleBigPlanet 2?

Ah, were every question in life as meaningless as deciding on a magazine.  But, then, life would be boring.

Anyway, being the intellectual I am, I opened Vanity Fair first and flipped through the pages.  I read The 60 minutes/Vanity Fair poll which asked 960 adults the following question:

If we wanted to update the expression “as American as…,” which of the following would be the best replacement for “apple pie”?

The choices were Apple iPod, NASCAR, Triple bacan cheeseburgers, S.U.V. and Going to rehab. 23% of the people polled said the Apple iPod and 23% said NASCAR.  I find this funny.  NASCAR is truly American.  It’s stockcar races are direct decendants of the races held by moonshiners for very small purses.  It’s first drivers were moonshiners – not that the corporate image of NASCAR wants to remember their “bad boy” days, which makes it more American, as re-writing history seems to be the favorite pasttime of the right wing, but I digress.

However; the Apple iPod couldn’t be further from the American as.  They’re not made here and as I mentioned yesterday, Apple only employs 25,000 Americans in this country.  That’s not very American.
But, then, not many companies or corporations truly care about America and Americans.  It’s all about profits.  And, I guess that’s the way of the country now.

Perhaps, Vanity Fair missed the mark.  The updated phrase should be as American as layoffs and corporate profits.

An Economic Truth

For months, I’ve been telling my friends that the bad economy cannot be fixed by the government alone, nor is it the government’s sole fault that we’re in this mess.  Yes, the deregulation that started under Ronald Reagan and continued through Bush I and Clinton before it imploded on Bush II has to take a lot of the blame.  The tax cuts on big business have hurt the economy, as well, even as we hear the battle cries from the far right to cut them some more.

However; the bigger slice of the blame game needs to be laid at the feet of the companies themselves.  Our government is in their pockets and have made it easier for the companies to only look out for themselves in the last thirty years, but We the People have elected them.  As long as companies don’t hire American workers to work in American plants and as long as the American government doesn’t place a high tariffs on non-American made goods coming into this country, we will continue to have high unemployment.

For example, according to this week’s Bloomberg Businessweek (pg.50), Apple employs 25,000 Americans.  Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?  That is until you learn that Apple’s products are made by Hon Hai Precision Industry in China.  Hon Hai Precision (AKA Foxconn) employs 250,000 employees to build Apple products.  Do the math – for every 10 Chinese employee, Apple has 1 lone American employee.

Yes, but Julie, that’s because our unions are demanding such hire wages, I hear you say.

Uh, no.  Unions aren’t as powerful as they once were – for one thing – and for another, you don’t believe that a worker on the factory floor deserves a fair wage for his or her work?  I could get into all that anti-union rhetoric, but I’ll save it up for a later article.  In a nutshell, anyone who lays our economic problems at the feet of unions is someone who has never read a business magazine, gone to college or is making millions as a talking head.

The need and greed for high profits is what’s causing the massive overseas drive of American jobs.  And, because there is no moral hazard – such as taxes or tariffs – companies will continue to drain our population of jobs.

And, it is not just the big companies.

I know of a company with less than 1000 employees – right here in southeast Wisconsin – that has a temporary need for one employee.  Rather than hire an American, they’ve contracted a company in India and now an American employee is training an Indian employee over the phone to do this job. And, it isn’t a call center job.  And, there isn’t a union employee in sight.

Really, Julie?

Yes, really.

In conclusion, this economy has just been brewing for the last ten years, we’ve been shedding jobs for a very long time.  Relaxing the regulations on the financial markets has caused the economy to implode and relaxing tariffs and taxes on corporations – especially those that have been cutting American jobs – has finally killed the American dream.  And, no, the government can’t fix all of it and the people who can – CEOs of corporations – don’t want to fix it.  They don’t care.  They’re too busy laughing all the way to the bank.

American Girl

Sometimes, I just wonder what the wrong wing is thinking. The American Family Association (who has 2.2 million members) has called for a boycott of the American Girl stores.
What? you say. Why?

Glad you asked.

Apparently, the American Girl stores support a group called Girls, Inc. According to the American Family Association, Girls, Inc. supports abortion rights and lesbians. Now, I checked out their website and I didn’t see anything that resembles support for either abortion rights or lesbians.

You can learn more about it here:

So, I travelled to the Girls, Inc. site and donated some money. Not a lot, but some. Any group that has a mission to help girls with math skills and self-esteem is on the right track.

Oh, BTW, I’ve decided to try out the software at I’m not sure if this’ll work being hosted on my own site or not, so please, let me know what you think.

God Bless,

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