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Red Cross

I pray to God above that I never live in a neighborhood where I have to see one of the Red Cross trucks coming to my rescue.  That said, please donate so if any of us need them, they can still be there to help.

Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes…

Who is more of an American Hero than a serviceman or woman who risked their life so that I can sit in my comfortable house and write political blogs?  Who deserves a donation more than a group who works to honor these heroes?  Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes – check them out and, if you can, please donate.

Playing Again Sam – Wisconsin Samoyed Rescue

Watch the below video and donate money to them. How can you not want to help big, fluffy white dogs? Samoyeds are cousins to American Eskimos.

Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin…

We have more and more hungry people this year.  I’ve heard that food banks are down to their last bit of food.  If you can, please donate.

The Empty Stocking Fund

Help a child in need via the Empty Stocking Fund.

Eskie Rescuers United

Thanks to Heart Bandits and other American Eskimo Rescue sites, we have been able to adopt two American Eskimo dogs; Skywalker (1997 – 2010) and Oliver.  American Eskimo Dogs are fabulous little guys, but you really have to have the right temperment in order to live with one.  That’s why a lot of them end up in rescue.  So, it is with my two boys in mind that I’m appointing Eskie Rescuers United as today’s charity.

Best Friends

Best Friends is a wonderful charitiy.  In addition to providing the normal adoption of animals, Best Friends will take in the animals that are no longer wanted or cannot be adopted out.  These wonderful creatures live out their remaining years in a healthy setting.

World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund.  What can I say?  It’s a good charity.

Snowball Express

I just heard about the Snowball Express, so I don’t have any little blurb to tell you.  I’ve swiped the following verbage right from their site.  One small note:  Any organization that does something to help the children of deceased military personnel has got to be a fantastic organization.  I am grateful every day that my father returned from Vietnam and I didn’t become a statistic.

Snowball Express started in early 2006 with a simple idea: Provide hope and new memories to the children of military fallen heroes who have died while on active duty since 9/11.

America should honor and pay tribute to the children of those military fallen heroes who have died while honorably serving since 9/11. In December of 2006, nearly 900 family members from all across America and the world gathered in Southern California for an unforgettable holiday gathering. Kids and widows discovered they weren’t alone. And they found they weren’t forgotten.

It was a totally volunteer effort which came together in just a few months to create the largest all-expense-paid gathering for the families of our fallen warriors since 9/11.


The idea of granting a sick child their greatest wish is a very simple one and the Make-A-Wish foundation has been granting such wishes to kids since 1980.  That’s 30 years.  You have to read the story of the first wish – it will not only lift your spirits, but remind you how lucky you are.  For those of us blessed with children in our lives who are happy and healthy, well, there are no words for how blessed we truly are.  To be able to donate even a little to grant a little happiness to a child who isn’t healthy is a blessing in and of itself.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

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