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You have been fooled…

If you’re even thinking for a second about voting for a Republican, then you are a fool.  You’ve been hoodwinked and you don’t even know it.  You don’t know enough about the history of this country to make a proper decision.  You don’t understand enough about economics, moral hazards and deregulation to make the right decision.

It’s not your fault.

For the last thirty + years in this country, we have been told over and over again that what is good for business is good for America.  You know, I feel sorry for Ronald Reagan.  By all accounts, he was a nice man.  Tip O’Neil and him would have beers in the White House after a hard day debating.  He was easy going, soft-spoken and he believed what he said.

But, he was wrong.

Let me explain business to you.  Business isn’t a game, Businesses are not people and they don’t give a damn about you, the environment or your children.  The men and women who run businesses could give a rat’s ass about you.  Sure, there are some few and far between exceptions, but they’re, well, few and far between.

People go into business for one reason: to make money.

That’s it – nothing more.

I love my job, but quite frankly, I am there for a paycheck and health benefits.  If I could support my family by not working, I would.  Don’t get me wrong, I really love what I do and I’m good at it – so I’m lucky, I work a job I actually love, but love doesn’t make the world go around – money does.

Continuing on, what caused the economic crisis cannot be summed up in just one sentence.  There are many factors – predatory lenders, housing bubble, too much credit to the wrong people, deregulation and the list goes on.  But, the jobless recovery?  That’s easy: Companies are making huge profits because they aren’t hiring you.  And, the companies that are hiring, are paying the lowest wages possible.


Well, it’s easy…Businesses want profits, the higher the profits; the better the business.  The stock market rewards the businesses with the highest profits, by keeping their stock prices high.

Somebody’s getting rich – it’s just not you.

The GOP wants to dismantle the rest of the regulations that keep us safe at work, that help the environment and keep our food safe.  The GOP wants to dismantle the safety nets for the people who do the real work – you and me.  They want to lower taxes on businesses, because they say that will cause businesses to start hiring.

It’s not true.

The GOP wants to continue their destruction of America.

Don’t let them.

A CEO sitting with a Tea Party and Union Members…

My Republican Mother told me this:
A CEO, a tea party member and a union member are sitting at a table with a dozen cookies sitting there. The CEO takes 11 of the cookies and says to the tea party member, “Look out, that union member is trying to take a piece of your cookie.”
If you don’t find this funny, you don’t really understand what’s going on in the country.

Ban Male Circumcisions?

Okay, I lied – I saw an article and had to post about this TODAY.  More videos will follow…

Well, now, I have just about heard everything! Lloyd Schofield – apparently a man obsessed with penises – wants to ban Male Circumcisions! Pro-circumcision or anti-circumcision – I really don’t care how you feel about the process – but you should get very upset about the idea that the government can prevent you from making a decision about the health and well-being of your child.

What is going on with California anyway?

And, you know some tea bagger is going to proclaim that this is how liberals think.

And, how in the world do you ban something called a Happy Meal?

Back to circumcisions – apparently, based on my own non-scientific survey of two male co-workers with male children – the country is split in two when it comes to this subject.

An article I read on CNN had the following quote by “Dr. Douglas Diekema, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington.”

“There have always been people opposed to it. One of the differences between today and 50 years ago is two primary things: Advocacy groups are better organized. They are much more vocal and the internet has allowed that expression in that way.”

On one hand, this is democracy at its finest. People joining together to work for the common good. On the other hand, it is democracy run amok. A group of people joining together to impose their beliefs on the rest of us – even if it isn’t the right decision. This ban would even ban circumcisions when they are completed for religious purposes. Isn’t that in direct violation of the First Amendment? “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” Doesn’t the freedom of Religion extend to cities and states? I would think it does, however; I’m not a lawyer.

To me, this shows a greater threat to America freedoms than just one city banning a medical procedure.  We’re giving into our fears – our fears of different races, religions, sexual orientation.  We’re listening only to the loud voices – the ones that call for an end to health care for all, banning violent video games and tax cuts for the rich.  We’re not listening to the little guy – the small voice who doesn’t have an outlet for their beliefs and, even when he does, he is drowned out by the insane yelling going on around him.  We’re losing the people who stay home on election day because the political madness has turned them off the whole process.

And, we’re left with people like Lloyd Schofield; a man who wants to tell the parents of a newborn baby boy on whom they’ve placed their hopes and dreams and whom they loved before his very first breath what decision to make when it comes to circumcision.  When will Schofield stop?  Will he make a law that determines what books this little boy reads?  What church he must attend?  What courses he studies when he becomes a man and goes on to college?

It is a slippery slope to coin a well-used phrase and it scares me about our future if we allow it to happen.

Palin vs Schwarzenegger

Did you hear about this?  When flying over Alaska, Governor Schwarzenegger tweeted “Over Anchorage, AK. Looking everywhere but can’t see Russia from here. Will keep you updated as search continues.”

Well, Sarah Palin who apparently can’t take a joke, fired back: “Arnold should have landed; I could have explained our multi-billion dollar state surplus & US energy security efforts. What’s he been up to?

When I read about this last week, I just rolled my eyes.  It was just Palin being Palin – attacking instead of just shaking her head; grabbing for yet another headline.  And, that’s fine.

Until I read this line from Republican Senator Candidate Joe Miller: “40 percent of our economy in Alaska is somewhat derived from the federal government.”  How hard is it to have a state surplus when you get 40 percent of your economy from the Federal Government?  And, then, I was mad.  Alaska gets $1.82 for every dollar they send to the feds.  I realize that Alaska is one of those states that requires more federal defense dollars then the rest of us, but it also means that it shouldn’t be all that hard for the governor of Alaska to keep their budget in a surplus.  Throw in a $1.5 billion tax increase on oil companies and a budget surplus is almost guaranteed.  (The oil company tax increase was a done deal when Palin was governor.)

What Governor Schwarzenegger has been doing is holding his state together by a thread.  At least, he didn’t resign from office to go seek out money elsewhere like a certain governor did.

California Tea Party backs Delaware Candidate

Tea Party Conservative Christine O’Donnell beat Republican Mike Castle in the Delaware Senate primary. She was endorsed by Sarah Palin. The media is touting this as a big move for the Tea Party movement. Actually, it just means that a far right Republican beat a not so far right Republican. The real test will be if the Tea Party can pull off wins in the general election.

But, here’s what bugs me. O’Donnell beat Castle using $237,000 from Tea Party Express – “a California political committee”.  I realize that O’Donnell isn’t going to turn down money for her campaign merely because it came from another state, but she should.  A political committee from a state that is clear across the country shouldn’t interfere with the election.  It’s none of their business.  I realize that they have a First Amendment right to donate money, but something about it seems a little fishy to me.  I should probably do some research, but I do have a full time job, but I wonder how much money O’Donnell received from inside the state of Delaware.

And, don’t think I’m just picking on O’Donnell – I’ve blogged about this before.  I just don’t think candidates should be able to accept money from another state.  It just doesn’t seem right.  How do the people in Delaware know for whom to vote if ads are coming in from outside their state?  How does the Tea Party in California know just what a constituent in Delaware needs in a Candidate?

I think this would bother me less if the states were in a closer proximity.  I don’t think I’d have quite as much of an objection if the money came from a political group in New Jersey or Maryland.  At least the states are close enough that they might share the same problems and issues.  Plus, the Republican Party of Delaware doesn’t even want to support O’Donnell, so how is she going to be elected?  Isn’t the Tea Party Express leaving open the chance that the seat could go to the Democrat?

What do you think?

Anti-gay People full of crap…

I’m reading an article on the gay marriage ruling in California and this absolute jerk states the following:  “It’s a really sad day for Californians, for families, for our future and for voters that a federal judge has trampled on the civil rights of voters,” said Luke Otterstad, 24, of Sacramento.

Really?  A Federal Judge has trampled on YOUR freaking civil rights?  Hey, moron, how about how sad it was in this country when the jerks in California voted to trample on the rights of tax paying, American Citizens by stopping gay marriages?

What about the trampling on my rights when Wisconsin voted for the anti-gay amendment to my STATE’S constituion?  Did you ever stop to think about the rights of others?

No, you don’t.  You and the others like you are mindless jerks who don’t give a rat’s ass about the freedoms granted to ALL citizens in the United States of America?

And, if you think I’m being too harsh – kiss my lily white ass.  I don’t plan on being nice to these people anymore.  These are the kinds of people who raise children that grow up to gather in a group and attack a lone gay man or lesbian.  These are the kinds of people who think they have a RIGHT to tell other people how to live their lives.  These are kinds of people who spit every single day on our Constitution and then have the nerve to say I don’t love America.

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