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Once and for all, here’s how I feel about a casino being built in Kenosha.

I don’t think it should be built. Period.

Yes, I think there are too many casinos all ready in this state and everywhere. I don’t think a casino constitutes family fun just because it has a hotel with a swimming pool and an arcade. Kids don’t belong in and around a casino anymore than I think they should be around alcohol. (Yeah, I’m one of those who think you shouldn’t drink around your kids.)

Gambling is a vice. I’ve been known to pull a few handles on slot machines and pick up a lottery ticket now and then, but really, I don’t want a casino in Kenosha. Why not a nice indoor waterpark? It might bring in less tax money, but no one is going to lose their rent money there.

I have the right to my opinion. This is my blog and my website and I’m not crazy for thinking that a place that promotes a vice — and gambling is a vice — isn’t what should get built in place of the dog track.

So, I don’t really care if you think I’m being ridiculous, I don’t support the idea of yet another casino in this state. And, I’m sorry there are people in this state that think promoting a vice is a good way to raise tax dollars.

God Bless

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