As Joan Rivers used to say, Can we talk because all I’m hearing is the shouting.  I’m serious.  We have a failure to communicate in this country.  And, we’re in serious, serious trouble.

Our National debt in over 13 trillion dollars.  That’s a lot of money we owe.  That’s over $42,000 per U.S. citizen, according to the U.S. Debt Clock.  We really need to do something about this debt.  We need to have a serious discussion about it and we need to lower it before the people to whom we owe the money come looking for it.

Our National deficit to date is roughly 1.4 trillion dollars.  There are only two ways to cut our deficit: Cut our spending or raise taxes.

It is simple math, people.  The last Presidential Candidate who said quite honestly, “We’re going to have to raise taxes.” didn’t become President.  That was Walter Mondale.

That leaves cut spending.  What should the government cut?  What programs?  

We’re fighting two wars which have added billions to our debt, so we can’t cut military spending – at least not for our troops.

We have 24 million people unemployed in this country, so cutting unemployment benefits isn’t a wise thing to do.

I’m not sure just what spending we should cut, but as Americans, we need to have this serious discussion.  We not only need to cut our spending, but we need to pay pay down our debt.

I’d like to hear some discussion — real discussion, not this ballyhoo and crap that’s been going on for the past sixteen years.

So, the topic is National Debt and how we’re going to reduce it – Discuss.

God Bless