Sarah Palin appeared on Sean Hannity’s show last night. Hannity asked her this question: “You actually use the phrase ‘I fear for our democracy’. What did you mean by that?”

Here is Palin’s verbatim answer: “I do. I fear for our democracy. Because, um, I recognize and I know you did, too, Sean and you try to sound a warning bell uh, through your commentary through the campaign as I was nominated for VP and running with one of my heroes, Senator John McCain, as we were witnessing what the other campaign was actually telling America people warning them what they were going to do to America. They warned Barack Obama did as candidate that he would fundamentally transform America. That he would redistribute somebody’s wealth. He would take it and give it to somebody else. Those things that do erode our free market and our freedoms and our disincentives to a strong work ethic and productivity and now what see are some manifestations of what he had warned us of what he would do in that campaign. We’re seeing that come home to roost now. We see with the quantitative easing of the feds that Barack Obama has now come out and supported as the fed says that we’re going to print more money out of thin air and we’re going to incur more debt and we’re going to devalue our dollar and we’re going to mess with China’s currency and we’re going to preach to them that they can’t be messing with it, but we’re be messing with our own. All these things that are taking place right now. Especially this occurrence of this huge debt, Sean. What it is doing is eroding our opportunities which eventually erodes our democracy and our freedoms. And, we cannot succeed this way – this is no way – with the quantitative easing, with this new 600 billion dollar infusion of fake money into our system. That’s not how we get our economy back on the right track. We became the foremost super power by incentivizing producers and job creators and work ethic, not by punishing work ethic, but that’s exactly what Barack Obama and those in the White House and leftists in Congress are doing to our economy and our job creators. They’re disincentizing our work ethic.”

Anyone know what any of that means or how that answers the question?