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California Tea Party backs Delaware Candidate

Tea Party Conservative Christine O’Donnell beat Republican Mike Castle in the Delaware Senate primary. She was endorsed by Sarah Palin. The media is touting this as a big move for the Tea Party movement. Actually, it just means that a far right Republican beat a not so far right Republican. The real test will be if the Tea Party can pull off wins in the general election.

But, here’s what bugs me. O’Donnell beat Castle using $237,000 from Tea Party Express – “a California political committee”.  I realize that O’Donnell isn’t going to turn down money for her campaign merely because it came from another state, but she should.  A political committee from a state that is clear across the country shouldn’t interfere with the election.  It’s none of their business.  I realize that they have a First Amendment right to donate money, but something about it seems a little fishy to me.  I should probably do some research, but I do have a full time job, but I wonder how much money O’Donnell received from inside the state of Delaware.

And, don’t think I’m just picking on O’Donnell – I’ve blogged about this before.  I just don’t think candidates should be able to accept money from another state.  It just doesn’t seem right.  How do the people in Delaware know for whom to vote if ads are coming in from outside their state?  How does the Tea Party in California know just what a constituent in Delaware needs in a Candidate?

I think this would bother me less if the states were in a closer proximity.  I don’t think I’d have quite as much of an objection if the money came from a political group in New Jersey or Maryland.  At least the states are close enough that they might share the same problems and issues.  Plus, the Republican Party of Delaware doesn’t even want to support O’Donnell, so how is she going to be elected?  Isn’t the Tea Party Express leaving open the chance that the seat could go to the Democrat?

What do you think?

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  1. As far as I know, it’s not unusual for candidates to get donations from out of state groups or individuals. Frequently the party sends solicitations for financial help for candidates who they would like to see win. It’s up to the individual or group to decide if they want to donate. I know it doesn’t violate any election or campaigning laws.

    As to the California tea party – all the tea party groups are loosely organized and if dono’s came from that source it was probably individual members donating – since the group per se wouldn’t have those kinds of funds. As to donating if you are in closer proximity, again I don’t see why it would be an issue, if you are a conservative and want to help a conservative candidate it still behooves you because if that candidate is elected they would still presumedly champion conservative causes/laws in Congress.

    The tea party groups are in favor of real conservatives, so whether the national republican party likes a candidate or not is actually pretty irrelevant. The candidate they endorsed did not support fiscal conservative principles that O’Donnell did – simple as that. Of course the party is now backing O’Donnell. In terms of her winning, maybe it is a long shot but what is the point of winning with a candidate who will be a democrat lackey. By my estimate that is a win in name only. Conservatives want candidates who are actually conservatives to win seats – then that is a real win. Even if O’Donnell loses it still sends a strong message to the defacto conservative party that what their electorate want is real conservatives, not fake ones.

    Writer Chick

  2. I’ll grant you the fiscal responsibility, but what about the other items you get with O’Donnell? The religion down your neck, anti-gay marriage, anti- a woman’s right to choose?

    These items make her too far to the right and will cost the Republicans the seat. I want to vote for someone I believe will be fiscally responsible (but, also, can use their own good judgement), but I’ll never vote for a candidate that’s anti-gay marriage, like O’Donnell is.

    True conservative isn’t just fiscally responsible.

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