I realize that not all of us can afford to buy American. The call to buy American products has long passed us by. I can remember commericials where Barbara Mandrell sang about buying American and look for the American label back Wal-Mart products actually were American. However; I drive a foreign car. Cheryl drives a foreign car. We went looking at American cars this year and we couldn’t find one in our limited budget.

However; I was just reading somewhere that the flags flown over our federal buildings aren’t made in America. They’re made somewhere else. How can that be? Shouldn’t our national symbol only be made here?!? Okay, for the average American, make them somewhere else, but the feds should NEVER buy a flag made in a different country.

Furthermore, nothing our federal government purchases should be made outside of this country — NOTHING! If our own government doesn’t support our economy, we have a serious, serious issue in this country. One reason for government purchases is to stimulate the economy, so nothing made for the feds or purchased by them should have foreign parts.

NOTHING! End of story.

God Bless