Little boys are made of snips, snails and puppy dog tails. I have seen two little boys take Nana’s clean home and demolish it in a matter of seconds. Boys need to have the freedom to romp and play (and, so do girls). I just read in a two week old Time magazine that 75% of American school children do not have a physical education. So, I wonder, how does anyone expect rambunctious boys to sit and learn without a physical education class to burn off some of their energy?

Plus, I was reading in the same magazine and it stated that America has an epidemic of obese kids. So, I’m wondering, when kids come home from school to play World of Warcraft, how do we cut PE from their schooling?

Our school systems are cutting a lot from the curriculum’s — art, music — PE shouldn’t be added to the list, but judging from the article, I’m just howling at the wind because it’s all ready too late.

God Bless