Bill Maher had Victor Davis Hanson, the author of “A War Like No Other”, on his show recently. I’m not sure what date, because I was watching HBO on Demand.

Normally, I don’t review TV shows, but Mr. Maher asked a question I would like someone to give me a straight answer to: “If we had to go around the world and attack all the countries that were evil, we’d never really stop. Why don’t we attack Darfur?”

Mr. Hanson interjected with “We’re not at all.” Then, his answer was “We’re not. Secretary Rice gave a very good lecture to the Egyptians about reforming their political process last summer. We put pressure on the Saudis…” He went on to mention the other places we’ve been putting pressure on, but he never answered the question. “Why don’t we attack Darfur?”

Why can’t anyone answer that question? If we didn’t like the killings Saddam Hussein was committing in Iraq and he was evil enough to take out of office by starting a war, why aren’t the people of Dafur just as important?

God Bless