Right off the bad, I want to say that in 99% of sexual accusations, I’m on the woman’s side.  I will admit that there are those few who make an accusation that is false or misleading just to seek revenge or receive money.
I think Al Gore’s accuser just might be in the last category.  After refusing to speak with police in 2006 – when the alleged incident took place – she went back to police in 2009.  That by itself is not suspect.  Many women, feeling ashamed or scared, have a hard time speaking with police after a sexual assault.  That Gore’s alleged victim did the same thing is not enough not to believe her.
What is enough is the last line in this article:  “However, she reportedly sold her story to the National Enquirer magazine for 1 million dollars.”
I’m not saying that means she’s lying, but it does lead me to question her motives for coming forward again.
I wonder if she’s telling the truth or not.