Yesterday, Cheryl and I had to take our little cat, Babie Kitty, to the vet and wait while her life drained out of her. She had become sick, the vet suspects cancer, in the last couple of weeks . She wasn’t in her normal hangouts and she had started acting different. It broke our hearts to put her down. We’ve been expecting to lose Mr. Mann, who is diabetic and has been in poor health over the years, but we never thought we’d lose our Babie Kitty.

Babie Kitty, along with Mr. Mann, was given to me by a friend who could no longer take care of them. He needed to move and couldn’t keep the cats, so at three years of age, Mr. Mann and Babie Kitty entered my life.

From the beginning, Babie Kitty established herself as the top cat. She ruled our roost. She would great me at the door and once she accepted Skywalker — four years ago — it became okay for Mr. Mann to accept him, too. She entertained us with her antics and her little ways of doing things. She liked to sit out in the sun, but she didn’t like her paws to touch grass. She loved shrimp, but wouldn’t eat it if we gave it to her. After we discovered her knack for stealing shrimp, we began placing a peeled shrimp on the table just for her. She would stick her head up and check the the coast was clear. Then, after hiding back down below the table, we would see this little paw come up and bat at the shrimp until it was knocked to the ground, where she would gobble it up.

I’ve always had cats, but to Cheryl being owned by a cat was a new experience. Babie Kitty taught Cheryl about being a cat lover. She brought a joy to our lives that will be so missed that I’m crying just thinking about it.

It should be noted that she hated car rides and did not like the vet. Even yesterday, when she couldn’t lift her head and could no longer walk, she growled and hissed at Dr. Fulmer.

Godspeed, little gal. You will be missed more than you will ever know.

God Bless