Sometimes I wonder just how my brain manages to function with the eclectic thoughts and interests I have rummaging around in there.  On the day that my Vanity Fair magazine arrived (yesterday) so did my PlayStation Magazine.  And, then, I was left with a decision:  which one do I read first?  The one that holds the last interview with Dennis Hopper or the one that has a huge article on LittleBigPlanet 2?

Ah, were every question in life as meaningless as deciding on a magazine.  But, then, life would be boring.

Anyway, being the intellectual I am, I opened Vanity Fair first and flipped through the pages.  I read The 60 minutes/Vanity Fair poll which asked 960 adults the following question:

If we wanted to update the expression “as American as…,” which of the following would be the best replacement for “apple pie”?

The choices were Apple iPod, NASCAR, Triple bacan cheeseburgers, S.U.V. and Going to rehab. 23% of the people polled said the Apple iPod and 23% said NASCAR.  I find this funny.  NASCAR is truly American.  It’s stockcar races are direct decendants of the races held by moonshiners for very small purses.  It’s first drivers were moonshiners – not that the corporate image of NASCAR wants to remember their “bad boy” days, which makes it more American, as re-writing history seems to be the favorite pasttime of the right wing, but I digress.

However; the Apple iPod couldn’t be further from the American as.  They’re not made here and as I mentioned yesterday, Apple only employs 25,000 Americans in this country.  That’s not very American.
But, then, not many companies or corporations truly care about America and Americans.  It’s all about profits.  And, I guess that’s the way of the country now.

Perhaps, Vanity Fair missed the mark.  The updated phrase should be as American as layoffs and corporate profits.