According to CNN, the deputy that pulled over and arrested Mel Gibson said, “That stuff is booze talking,” the deputy [who is Jewish] said. “There’s two things that booze does. It amplifies your basic personality. If you are a laid-back kind of person, just an easygoing kind of person, booze is going to amplify that and you’ll be just sitting around going how it’s a wonderful day.

“But, if you are a high-strung person, it’s going to amplify that, and all the bad things are going to come out.”

It has always been my understanding that whatever you said while drunk is EXACTLY how you feel. So, if you shout racial epithets, gay slurs or anti-Semite crap, you’re a racist, homophobe or anti-Semite.

PERIOD. End of story.

You don’t get drunk and suddenly bring despicable words to your lips.

God Bless