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Anti-gay People full of crap…

I’m reading an article on the gay marriage ruling in California and this absolute jerk states the following:  “It’s a really sad day for Californians, for families, for our future and for voters that a federal judge has trampled on the civil rights of voters,” said Luke Otterstad, 24, of Sacramento.

Really?  A Federal Judge has trampled on YOUR freaking civil rights?  Hey, moron, how about how sad it was in this country when the jerks in California voted to trample on the rights of tax paying, American Citizens by stopping gay marriages?

What about the trampling on my rights when Wisconsin voted for the anti-gay amendment to my STATE’S constituion?  Did you ever stop to think about the rights of others?

No, you don’t.  You and the others like you are mindless jerks who don’t give a rat’s ass about the freedoms granted to ALL citizens in the United States of America?

And, if you think I’m being too harsh – kiss my lily white ass.  I don’t plan on being nice to these people anymore.  These are the kinds of people who raise children that grow up to gather in a group and attack a lone gay man or lesbian.  These are the kinds of people who think they have a RIGHT to tell other people how to live their lives.  These are kinds of people who spit every single day on our Constitution and then have the nerve to say I don’t love America.

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  1. With all due respect, Julie, it’s the folks who support a judicial philosophy that permits a perversion like Korematsu v. United States (WW2 case in which it was declared constitutional for the government to round up people of a certain skin color and imprison them) that spit on the Constitution… and those people are the same ones cheering what Judge Walker has wrought. They have a curious blindness where they do not understand the evil they support, seeing only the occasional good that this evil accidentally does; undoubtedly, the result of Brown v. Board of Education was good and righteous but the exact same process used for that good produced Plessy v. Fergussen, Dred Scott v. Sandford, Korematsu, and Stenberg v. Carhart. A philosophy that supports reaching the morally-right results regardless of how WILL turn against you, like a scorpion on the back of a toad and is a direct threat to the civil rights of all Americans. You may be happy with Judge Walker but however good of man he is, he is a good man who did a very bad thing in the pursuit of doing what is morally good.
    Mr. Otterstad is completely correct: the voters of California have a civil right to make law as bestowed upon them by the legislature and the right of Californians to deprive a group of citizens of any particular liberty is protected by the Constitution so long as due process of law is adhered to. So long as due process is followed, the government is permitted to kill a citizen; by extension, so long as due process is followed, the government is permitted to forbid a citizen to marry. I realize that it is painful to be on the wrong side of the supreme law of the United States but there should be nothing you can do about it but follow the path of all other civil rights crusaders. Just like Frederick Douglass fought slavery, Susan B. Anthony agitated for women’s suffrage, and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr fought for basic civil rights for black Americans, gays can fight for what they regard as their rights… by appealing to the proper authorities which are their fellow citizens. Douglass did it, Anthony did it, King did it… and they succeeded in such a way that the debate was ended by their victory. The thing that so many people have a problem with is that gay couples seem to regard themselves as too good to follow the successful paths of the giants of the civil rights movements and demand that a court give them everything on a silver platter and bitchslap everyone but that tiny 5-10%. You’re tired of being nice to your opposition? Maybe the time will soon come that your vastly more numerous opposition will be tired of being nice to you and THAT is and eventuality too terrible to contemplate.

    Although, betwixt me and you, I’ll be on hand with popcorn and a good drink to watch. It’ll be like a Roman spectacle, although with less blood, and maybe someone will allow me to do that cool thumbs up/thumbs down thing.

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