Am I the only person on the planet who thinks these creeps should be shot on sight? Police officers who arrest child molesters should be allowed to shoot first and ask questions later.

Here’s the story, five teenage boys use My Space to pose as a teenage girl. Pervert Michael Ramos of Fontana, CA starts sending her emails and pictures. Then, he arranges to meet her at a park. The boys go (as there isn’t a girl) and they call the cops. The cops, who should’ve just shot the man, arrest him.

I’d like to mention that this man — straight man I might add — went to molest a teenage girl. Now, I hear a lot of talk about male creeps molesting teenage boys and then I hear that it is one of the reason gays shouldn’t be allowed to have children or raise them, etc. But, the fact remains that 75% of child molesters are straight, white men.

Maybe, they’re the ones who shouldn’t be allowed to raise children.

God Bless