When asked what about Osama Bin Laden, (click above link to see the discussion)Ann Coulter responded, “As for catching Osama um it’s, it’s a irrelevant. Things are going swimmingly in Afghanistan. He’s like a fading movie star in Afghanistan now.”

The man who masterminded 9/11 — the person who was behind it all — the one who is still out there sending videos and messages — this guy is “irrelevant”?


Don’t you think that the blond bitch would be all over a Democratic administration if they couldn’t come up with the world’s most hunted man?

Mission is NOT accomplished. We are recalling inactive Marines — 2500 — to serve their country some more and now NOBODY wants to find Bin Laden?

Least of all the woman who make Hitler look like a good guy, Ann Coulter.

God Bless.