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America’s Problem…

We were watching TV shows this weekend that we had put aside and one of those was “The Lost Valentine”.  The story is fairly simple.  Husband goes off to World War II and leaves behind a pregnant wife.  Husband doesn’t come home from war.  There is a montage scene about people helping with the war effort and pitching in.  That’s what I think we’re missing and that’s a problem.  We’re not working together to a common goal.  Yes, there were some dissenters during WWII, as there has been with nearly all of our wars.  However; the majority of people worked together for a common goal – to defeat Germany and Japan.

We could use that now.  No, not defeating Germany and Japan, but defeating the other things that affect our nation.

But, I wonder which problem that we face as a country should be the one we focus on?

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  1. You are right as usual. We have always needed our Alamo’s, Peral harbors, 911….etc. It would be nice if we did not need a huge event to get us excited and working together. On the other hand it is what is right about our country in some ways. We can beat up on each other and bicker and fight but be aware anyone waking the sleeping giant that is America. When we are all on the same page we are powerful. I just wish we could do tyhat without a catastophe preceding our united front. I feel like we are more divided than ever….for now anyways.

    • I hate to sound all doom and gloom, but I truly fear for America If we don’t get our collective act together and realize that we are all on the same side! Perhaps, this is what it felt like during the years leading up to the Civil War?

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