I found this article on JSONLINE written by Shelia B. Lawani. According to this article, Mr. White shot Christopher Carbajal and Enrico Serra, Jr. and shot at Phillip Jardina while they were attempting to break into his (White’s) girlfriend’s car. Mr. Carbajal died from his wound — he was shot in the back.

Does this sound like a hero to you? Should we really be hailing this man as some kind of champion and poster child for protecting yourself?

No, he shot a man in the back — the BACK. That means Mr. White aimed at someone who was not facing him and pulled the trigger. That means that Christopher Carbajal lost his life for attempting to break into a car and he didn’t even see it coming!

I pray that God shows Mr. White the mercy he refused to show to Christopher Carbajal, Enrico Serra, Jr. and Phillip Jardina.

I asked that all my readers do the same and pray for the families of the men Mr. White shot and shot at.

God Bless