Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have not only patched up their differences, but they’ve become engaged.  Now, while I normally wouldn’t say anything about someone else’s relationship, I am truly worried about this young couple.  They had a child out of wedlock in front of the entire nation – that can’t be easy.  According to the article, they’ve been engaged for two weeks and they haven’t even told their parents.  I could see not telling Sarah Palin, she hasn’t been home much, but they haven’t told his parents?  That doesn’t bode well for a good start to a relationship.

And, then the cynic in me pipes up and wonders, are they being pressured by Sarah to get married?  She’s ramping up for a run at the Presidency – no matter what she says – and having an unmarried mom for a daughter doesn’t do much to shore up her base.

While I hope Bristol isn’t being pressured into marriage either by her own parents or even Levi, I hope she knows what she’s doing.  Marriage is a 50-50 crap shoot in excellent circumstances and with the huge spotlight that is following her, the chances for failure go much higher.

I hope they’ve both thought long and hard about this.  They’re both minor celebrities due to no fault of their own and marriage is a tough road.  Being a divorced single mom isn’t any better than being a never married single mom.