According to an article in US News & World Report, we’re heading back into an era of Big Government. Our economic woes are such that the government will have to get more involved. If done right, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But, we all know that it won’t be done right.

Here’s a few of my off the top of my head ideas.

1. The government needs to be proactively involved in producing a complete electric car. Tax breaks should be given to the car companies to offset some of their research costs. We know this car has existed — one that can drive highway speeds and travel up to 300 miles on a single charge — it just hasn’t been cost effective. The second part of this is the government needs to give tax breaks to anyone who purchases said car. I can’t afford a $30,000 car — even if it will drop my gas to nearly nothing, but if the government subsidizes the manufacturing and the purchasing, I’m sure I could swing $20,000 for the car.

2. All this talk about Social Security being overdrawn in 2017 is beginning to piss me off. First, Social Security used to have a surplus until the government started borrowing against it. The time for that to completely stop is now. Also, let’s put some of that borrowed money back and then let’s see if we’re still behind. Finally, we need a national retirement plan. The truth is that we need older workers to get out of the way for younger workers. If everyone works until they drop dead, what are young people going to do for jobs? That being said to keep this funded let’s eliminate the cap on the tax. No matter how much you earn, pay both Social Security and Medicare taxes on it. So, no more cut off at $92,000.

3. We need to take a good long look at what the government subsidizes. (Yeah, I know I said electric cars, but hear me out.) Nearly everybody gets something from the government. For example, farm subsidies. Huge company farms are subsidized and that’s not what the plan was for. This should be changed to only help the little farmer compete. There are other things we subsidize and we need to take a good long look at them to see if they’re really needed.

God Bless