The fall TV season has started with some returning favorites and some brand new ones. I have three shows I’m definitely going to watch this whole season and I thought I’d share them with you.

Criminal Minds First up, Criminal Minds. This show has been a favorite of mind since the second season. The leaving of Shemar Moore last season bummed me out, but still, I was looking forward to this season. Then, the firing of Thomas Gibson happened and now, I’m even more interested in what they’re going to do. I’m hoping they don’t kill off his character, but who knows. Still, the first episode showed that the show hasn’t lost it’s edge.



Designated SurvivorHoly Cow! This one grips you right from the beginning and never lets go. Based on what would happen if the Designated Survivor actually became President, the show sticks to reality. You can see these things actually happening, with a governor disrespecting the president and a general wanting to remove him from office. Keifer Sutherland stars as Tom Kirkland, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development who was designated survivor when the unthinkable happens. He plays his part quite well and he’s very believable as a man who bounces between greatness and bumbling. I had two saved on my DVR and watched them both.

Lethal Weapon Okay, let’s get real. This is a ridiculous show. The premise is ridiculous: an older cop being partnered with a suicidal younger cop – no way. Yes way. I love this show. As someone who usually doesn’t like TV shows based on movies (or movies based on TV shows), this one delivers homage to the original Lethal Weapon movie, while making a name for itself. Damon Wayans is fantastic as Roger Murtaugh. He’s funny, warm, and believable. Clayne Crawford, whom I don’t believe I’ve ever seen in anything, plays Martin Riggs and (I’ll stand by this), he’s better at it than Mel Gibson, even if we don’t get to see his rear end in the TV show. This one is definitely worth checking out.