I’m a Sprint customer.  And, for the most part, I’m a happy Sprint customer.  However; Sprint – like every other cell phone company – is no longer giving away or selling for a really discounted price cell phones.  So, on top of the $170 (plus taxes and fees) I pay for an unlimited plan data, talk, and message plan; I’ll have to pay for the phone – either through their lease program or from somewhere else out of pocket.

Since I’m close to the end of my two year contract, I thought I’d give the other companies a try.  I started with U.S. Cellular. Here’s their latest commercial:

Sounds good, right? Except, not only do you have to pay for that phone (probably through installation payments), but you still have to pay for a connection fee. So, your $60.00 16GB plan comes to $100, plus the installation payment for two phones.

Here’s their plans:


I checked and the most data we have ever used in a month was almost 13GB, this means we would need at least a 16GB plan to replace our unlimited plan. What can U.S. Cellular do for us? Not much, according to Michael:

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Maybe it’s just me, but it didn’t seem like much of a deal.

Let’s do the math:

Plan 16GB Shared Connect $80.00
Line 1 Samsung Galaxy S7 $22.40 30 months
Smartphone Connection Charge $20.00
Line 2 Samsung Galaxy S7 $22.40 30 months
Smartphone Connection Charge $20.00

But, that’s only 16GB of data. I have an unlimited plan now.