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Month: September 2016

Cell Phone Plans: U.S. Cellular

I’m a Sprint customer.  And, for the most part, I’m a happy Sprint customer.  However; Sprint – like every other cell phone company – is no longer giving away or selling for a really discounted price cell phones.  So, on top of the $170 (plus taxes and fees) I pay for an unlimited plan data, talk, and message plan; I’ll have to pay for the phone – either through their lease program or from somewhere else out of pocket.

Since I’m close to the end of my two year contract, I thought I’d give the other companies a try.  I started with U.S. Cellular. Here’s their latest commercial:

Sounds good, right? Except, not only do you have to pay for that phone (probably through installation payments), but you still have to pay for a connection fee. So, your $60.00 16GB plan comes to $100, plus the installation payment for two phones.

Here’s their plans:


I checked and the most data we have ever used in a month was almost 13GB, this means we would need at least a 16GB plan to replace our unlimited plan. What can U.S. Cellular do for us? Not much, according to Michael:

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Maybe it’s just me, but it didn’t seem like much of a deal.

Let’s do the math:

Plan 16GB Shared Connect $80.00
Line 1 Samsung Galaxy S7 $22.40 30 months
Smartphone Connection Charge $20.00
Line 2 Samsung Galaxy S7 $22.40 30 months
Smartphone Connection Charge $20.00

But, that’s only 16GB of data. I have an unlimited plan now.

Traffic Stop Survey…

Please take the below survey. I’m collecting data. It’s not entirely scientific, as I’m relying on your honestly. Please only take the survey once. Feel free to pass it around.

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NYTimes: Wells Fargo Fined for Years of Harm to Customers

Wells Fargo Fined for Years of Harm to Customers 

$185 million might be a lot of money to you or me, but when they scammed 1.5 million customers, it’s a drop in the bucket.  What’s the big deal?  What’s going to stop them from doing this again?  Or, encourage this bad behavior again?

How is it that you can literally steal from people and just pay a small fine?  It’s a good thing Wells Fargo didn’t steal anyone’s car, they might’ve actually gone to jail.

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