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Date: July 13, 2011

Marcus Bachmann – Closeted Gay Man?

“Me thinks thee lady doth protest too much.”

Oh, Dear Lord in Heaven, have you seen this man walk?  Have you heard his whining, gay toned voice?  This is my own First Amendment protected opinion, but Marcus Bachmann is a closeted gay man.  It explains his absolute hatred and fear of gay people.  It would explain his pseudo-psychology practice where they try to “cure” gays.

The man is a flamer, as only a lesbian can identify.

Come on out, Mr. Bachmann.  We promise not to hurt you and we’ll protect you from your wife.

(I wonder if they married to hide him or her?  No, too scary a thought to have Michele Bachmann as a lesbian.  I shudder.)

Dog sucking Orange

Oh, the hell with politics.  Check out this video of a dog sucking an orange.    It’s strange, cute and funny all rolled into one.


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