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Date: July 11, 2011

Westboro Baptist “Church” to Protest Betty Ford’s Funeral

I know they have the right to protest, but this group just makes me sick.  Seriously, protesting at the funeral of a former First Lady?  Do these people have no shame?  Sadly, with the war on women going on in this country – i.e., the unfunding of Planned Parenthood – a lot of people are in the same boat with the the Westboro people.  May God have mercy on their souls.

I still can’t wait until their old, crabby ringleader – Phelps – drops dead.  I’ll be there with my sign.  God hates the Westboro Baptist Church and the Phelps family.

Sarah Palin: “I think I can win”

Well, what she actually told a report for Newsweek was: “I believe that I can win a national election.”

I would add something to this, but it is just too ridiculous to ponder.  Even among Republicans, Palin is far below nearly every other candidate out there as their choice.  Even a FoxNews poll conducted in June shows Palin losing to Obama 56% to 35%.

Hey, I’d vote for her in the Republican primary – it would guarantee an Obama re-election.

To be fair, the poll showed Obama beating every Republican Candidate (Romney, Gingrich, Pawlenty).  I was surprised that the poll didn’t include Bachmann.

You know what the sad thing about Sarah Palin is?  Besides the fact that she is a quitter, having resigned from being governor, when she was governor of Alaska, she mostly made decisions that can best be described as middle of the road or centralist.  90% of our nation’s problems could probably be solved by moving to the middle.  However; to make a name for herself or to get the base all worked up or whatever the reason is, Palin dropped her center road and moved very far to the right – not as far as Bachmann, but farther over than the state of Alaska would’ve liked her to be.

This far move to the right is probably the largest reason she doesn’t stand a chance.  The far righters turn off the independents and there are not enough Tea Partiers in the nation to elect a president that is too far to the right.

So, maybe she thinks she can win, but the truth is; she cannot and she couldn’t.

Run, Sarah, Run!

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